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Source: WCO/Seychelles Revenue Commission


1. Measures aiming to Facilitate the Cross-border Movement of Relief and
Essential Supplies

1.1. Fast tracking the processing and release of urgent medical cargo and relief supplies
through simplified procedures.
1.2. Accepting scanned copy of preferential certificate of origin during the COVD 19 pandemic
subject to the original copy being submitted once the crisis is over.
1.3. Taking deposit for the release of consignment benefitting from preferential treatment but
unsupported by preferential certificate of origin because of lock down from exporting countries.

2. Measures aiming at Supporting the Economy and Sustaining Supply Chain Continuity

2.1. The Port is operational with Customs staff working to ensure that import and export
procedures are completed in a timely manner with priority given to consignment directly related
to the COVID 19 pandemic.

3. Measures aiming at Protecting Customs administrations’ Staff

3.1. Limiting the number of officers on duty to that necessary to provide the services required
during the COVID 19 pandemic.
3.2. Providing transport for officers to and from work.
3.3. Cancellation of meetings and replaced by other means of remote communication, hence
avoiding the crowding of people and to minimize the transmission of the virus.

4. Measures aiming at Protecting Society

4.1. Insisting on social distancing at all our offices.
4.2. Making available protective equipment and ensuring that staff is informed of their proper
usage and maintenance (restrooms, gloves, masks, sanitizer, etc.).
4.3. Encouraging maximum use of technology, to the extent possible.

5. Other Measures.
5.1. Encouraging declarant to use pre-payment account
5.2. Encouraging the use of pre-lodgement.

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