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Source: The Goverment of the Republic of Armenia



COVID-19 Travel restrictions

Preventive Action
A requirement for self-isolation is established for persons arriving in the Republic of Armenia from foreign countries.

Persons arriving in the Republic of Armenia are provided with a 14-day self-isolation notice by the staff of the RA Health and Labor Inspectorate on duty at the medical-sanitary control checkpoints. The individuals so notified shall be isolated at the venues indicated by them, which they cannot leave during the whole period of self-isolation.

Exceptions to this rule may be applied to those persons arriving in the territory of the Republic of Armenia who take a polymerase chain reaction test for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on a paid basis during the period of self-isolation and receive a negative answer.

Self-isolated persons shall be immediately relieved from the regime of self-isolation after the negative result of the test has been entered into the ARMED system. Prior to entering the negative answer in the ARMED system by the competent laboratory, the person is given a notice of self-isolation.

Sampling for testing of these individuals can be done exclusively at their place of residence (self-isolation) through a visit by laboratory staff.

Exceptions to this rule are made for plane crew members arriving in the Republic of Armenia in order to organize pilots’ rest, drivers of interstate freight transport, as well as for freight train drivers who are isolated until the next departure. Train drivers and the personnel in attendance are isolated between two consecutive shifts.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

In accordance with the appendix (hereinafter the Appendix) to RA Government Decision No. 298-N of March 16, 2020, the entry of foreign citizens is allowed through the air border of the Republic of Armenia. The following persons are allowed to enter through the land border:
- RA citizens and their family members;
- Persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Armenia but have the right to reside legally in the Republic of Armenia
- Representatives of diplomatic missions, consular establishments, international organizations and their family members;
- Other special cases that may be envisaged by the Commandant based on the epidemiological situation in a specific country (region).


Source: WCO/State Revenue Committee


1. Measures aiming to Facilitate the Cross-border Movement of Relief and Essential

  • Importation of a number of medical goods, also required and used in relation to the
    spread of COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a number of basic food products is subject to
    0% import duty for the periods up to the 30th of June, 2020 for some of these goods and
    up to the 30th of September, 2020 for other goods, in accordance with the lists, approved
    (amended) by the resolutions № 21 dated 16 March 2020, № 33 and № 34 dated
    3 April 2020 of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission;
  • Measures aimed at facilitating the cross-border transportation of basic necessities

2. Measures aiming at Supporting the Economy and Sustaining Supply Chain Continuity:

  • Decision No. 382-A of 27.03.2020 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia “on
    regulating the process of importing goods to the Republic of Armenia from 27 March
    2020 to 31 May 2020, including in the framework of responding to risks caused by the
    spread of the new coronavirus”;
  • The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission "on amendments to some decisions
    of the Customs Union Commission on the approval of the list of goods imported by the
    Eurasian Economic Union Customs area for consumption by the Eurasian Economic
    Union Member States". Decision No. 21 of 2020;
  • Decision No. 33 of 03.04.2020 of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission "on
    making amendments to some decisions of the Customs Union Commission and
    approving the list of important goods for import";
  • In order to ensure continued daily monitoring of import and export of goods of strategic
    importance in relation to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and emergency regime
    announced in the Republic of Armenia, including medical goods and basic food
    products, analytical reports based on big data analysis tools, combining information from
    various databases, have been developed and are used to ensure appropriate supply of
    such goods, as well as monitor the values thereof;
  • The State Revenue Committee has ensured 24/7 operation of certain functional units of
    the Customs Service, including particular divisions of IT Department, also a direct
    communication channel with the commandant, appointed under the emergency regime
    announced in the Republic of Armenia, is available;
  • The Eurasian Economic Commission has approved a list of critically important goods for
    which a tariff exemption is provided in a form of release from import duties, in case of
    importation of goods into the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union member states
    from 1 April to 30 June 2020. The list of these products includes separate agricultural
    and food products, as well as a number of ready-made medicines and medical products;
  • The list of products used in the production of medications has been expanded, as well
    as for medicinal products, the import of which is carried out from April 16 to September
    30, 2020 without paying customs duties, providing that the authorized body in the field of
    health has approved their intended use;
  • The procedure for issuing "A" type certificates is also temporary simplified for developing
    and less developed countries. The adopted decision allows the use of a paper or
    electronic copy of the above-mentioned document for a period of 6 months and allows
    for the non-submission of the original certificate during the declaration;
  • Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the draft law "On Amendments and Addenda to the
    Tax Code of the Republic of Armenia" was signed by the President of the Republic of
    Armenia, according to which from 21 April 2020, the taxpayer or tax agent pays a
    penalty of 0.04% for each overdue day, instead of the previous 0.075%.

3. Measures aiming at Protecting Customs administrations’ Staff

  • Commandant’s order No. 27 of 31.03.2020;
  • Work was organized electronically - circular document No. 243 of 16.03.2020;
  • Provides staff with personal hygiene and protective equipment, such as thermometers,
    masks, gloves, disinfectants, etc.;
  • In order to prevent the spread of the infection, the customs authorities have been
    instructed to organize the service in an alternative manner, while ensuring the
    uninterrupted operation of the customs authorities;
  • Strict measures have been taken to protect the customs department by applying the
    principle of maintaining social distance. Pregnant women, staff over 60 years of age,
    staff suffering from diabetes and / or cardiovascular and respiratory diseases have been
    employed remotely. The number of customs officers involved in shifts at border
    checkpoints has been reduced for less interaction;
  • On organizing activities aimed at preventing the spreading of the coronavirus in the
    Republic of Armenia State Revenue Committee, order No. 240-A of 13.03.2020, No.
    241-A of 16.03.2020, No. 332-L of 1.04.2020 of the Republic of Armenia State Revenue
    Committee Chairman;
  • Measures have been taken to ensure reduction in the need of face-to-face meetings of
    employees of different structural and functional units of the State Revenue Committee of
    the Republic of Armenia. Such measures include implementation and use of project
    management software, available not only in the State Revenue Committee internal
    network, but also from personal computers, also for the staff working from home,
    reducing the need of in-person meetings of project teams, use of video-conferencing
    software, not only for international and interagency but also for interdepartmental
    meetings and discussions.

4. Measures aiming at Protecting Society

  • "Strict control over the process of transporting goods by vehicles transported to Armenia
    from high-risk countries" Commandant’s order No. N31, Commandant’s order No. N38;
  • The COVID 19 Armenia application launched

Source: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia

The Ministry of Economy reported that Islamic Republic and Iran and Armenia have made some exceptions for the transportation of goods between the two countries that are of “economic importance.” The transfer will take place in the area between the administrative building of the Meghri land border crossing and the bridge, and under the supervision of the State Revenue Committee, Ministry of Health, and the National Security Service. Earlier, the transfer of some medical supplies was also allowed. According to the February 24 decision of the Government, some of the supplies include, respiratory masks, medical safety glasses, single use medical protective garments, disposable medical shoe covers, bandages, cotton, diagnostic tests, ethyl alcohol, breathing apparatus, single and multiple use medical scrubs, surgical gloves, etc. (Source:

Remarks from the International Road Transport Union


According to Decision No.31 of the Commandant’s Office of the Republic of Armenia, dated 3 April 2020, the transportation of all types of goods between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Armenia (export, import, transit) can be carried out at the Meghri border crossing point.

All goods from the Islamic Republic of Iran are subject to transhipment, except for those goods which have the written permission of the State Revenue Committee.

Armenia has no transport restrictions affecting any other country.

Source: AIRCA

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