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1. When under way, a vessel shall be steered by at least one qualified person of not less than 16 years of age.

2. The age requirement shall not apply in the case of small craft having no motive power of its own.

3. In order to ensure proper control of the vessel, the helmsman shall be able to receive and give all information and all orders reaching or proceeding from the wheelhouse. In particular, he shall be able to hear sound signals and have a sufficiently clear view in all directions.

4. When particular circumstances so require, a look-out or listening-post shall be set up to keep the helmsman informed.

5. When under way, all high-speed vessels shall be steered by a person not younger than 21 years of age who has the necessary qualifications referred to in article 1.02, paragraph 1 and the certificate referred to in article 4.06, paragraph 1(b). A second person who also holds these documents shall be in the wheelhouse except during berthing and casting off and in locks and their forebays.


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