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1. The term “vessel” means any inland waterway craft, including small craft and ferry-boats, as well as floating equipment and seagoing vessels;

2. The term “motorized vessel” means any craft using its own mechanical means of propulsion, except craft whose engines are used only to cover short distances (in harbours or at loading and unloading points) or to make them easier to handle while being towed or pushed;

3. The term “floating equipment” means floating structures carrying machinery used for work on waterways or in harbours (dredgers, elevators, derricks, cranes, etc.);

4. The term “ferry-boat” means any vessel providing a transport service across a waterway, that is classed as a ferry-boat by the competent authorities. Vessels providing such a service which do not move independently shall in any case be classified as “ferry-boats”;

5. The term “high-speed vessel” means a motorized vessel, with the exception of small craft, capable of travelling at a speed greater than 40 km/h in relation to water (for example a hydrofoil craft, a hovercraft or a multihull vessel) when this is stated in the ship’s certificate;

6. The term “passenger vessel” means a day-trip or cabin vessel constructed and equipped to carry more than 12 passengers;

7. The term “pushed barge” means any vessel designed or specially equipped to be pushed;

8. The term “shipborne barge” means a pushed barge designed to be carried on board seagoing vessels and to navigate on inland waterways;

9. The term “sailing vessel” means any vessel proceeding under sail only; a vessel proceeding under sail and making use at the same time of its own mechanical means of propulsion shall be considered as a motorized vessel;

10. The term “small craft” means any vessel with a hull less than 20 m long without rudder or bowsprit, except vessels built or equipped to tow, push or propel vessels other than small craft in side-by-side formation and except craft authorized to carry more than 12 passengers, ferry-boats and pushed barges;

11. The term “water bike” means any small craft using its own mechanical means of propulsion, which is able to carry one or more persons and built or designed to be used for skiing over the water or performing figures, for example, waterbobs, waterscooters, jetbikes, jetski and other similar craft.

12. The term “sports or pleasure craft” means any vessel used for purposes of sports and recreation and not financial gain.


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