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1. Small craft shall bear the official registration marks; if those marks are not prescribed, they shall bear:

(a) Their name, which can also be an abbreviation or a number;

(b) The name and domicile of the owner.

2. The registration or identification marks mentioned under paragraph 1 (a) shall be inscribed on the outside of the small craft in Latin characters not less than 10 cm high, easily legible and indelible, their inscription in oil paint being considered indelible. If the small craft has no name, it shall bear the name (or its usual abbreviation) of the organization to which it belongs, followed, where applicable, by a number.

3. The name and domicile of the owner shall be displayed in a conspicuous position inside or outside the craft.

4. However, ship’s boats need only bear, inside or outside, the name of the vessel to which they belong and any other particulars needed to identify the owner.