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1. Motorized vessels propelling a convoy shall have sufficient power to ensure proper control of the convoy.

2. The pusher of a pushed convoy shall be capable without turning of stopping the convoy in good time in such a way that the convoy remains under proper control.

3. Motorized vessels may not, except for rescue or assistance to a vessel in distress, be used for towing, pushing or propelling a side-by-side formation, unless such a use is allowed in their ship’s certificate. It is prohibited for motorized vessels towing or pushing other vessels or propelling them in side-by-side formation to leave them during making-fast or anchoring operations before the fairway has been cleared of such vessels and the boatmaster of the convoy has satisfied himself that they are in a secure position.

4. Ship-borne barges shall not be placed at the head of a pushed convoy unless anchors may be presented at the head of the convoy.

5. Passenger vessel with passengers on board shall not sail as part of a convoy.  This prohibition shall not apply in cases where an auxiliary towing vessel is required or in case of emergency.