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1. Ferry-boats may cross the waterway only after making certain that the movement of other vessels enables them to do so without risk and that the latter are not obliged to change their course or speed abruptly.

2. A ferry-boat which is not moving independently shall, in addition, comply with the following rules:

(a) When not operating, it shall lie at the berth assigned to it by the competent authority. If no berth has been assigned to it, it shall lie in such a position that the fairway remains clear;

(b) When the longitudinal cable of a ferry-boat may block the navigable fairway, the ferry-boat may stop on the side of the fairway opposite the point at which the cable is made fast only as long as is strictly necessary for embarking and disembarking. During these operations, approaching vessels may request the clearing of the fairway by sounding one long blast in good time;

(c) A ferry-boat shall not remain in the fairway longer than is necessary for the service it provides.