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1. Boatmasters of the following vessels and convoys shall, prior to entering the sectors, traffic control posts, traffic centres and locks indicated by the competent authority, eventually by B.11 signs (annex 7), report their presence on the indicated radiotelephone channel:

(a) Vessels and convoys carrying dangerous goods in accordance with the provisions of ADN;

(b) Vessels transporting more than 20 containers;

(c) Passenger vessels except for day-trip vessels;

(d) Seagoing vessels, except for pleasure crafts;

(e) Special transport referred to in article 1.21;

(f) Other vessels and convoys as required by the competent authorities.

2. The boatmasters mentioned in paragraph 1 shall communicate the following data:

(a) category of vessel;

(b) name of vessel;

(c) position, direction of navigation;

(d) unique European vessel identification number or official number; for seagoing vessels: IMO number;

(e) maximum load; for seagoing vessels: deadweight tonnage;

(f) length and breadth of vessel;

(g) type, length and breadth of convoy;

(h) draught (only on special request);

(i) route;

(j) loading port;

(k) unloading port;

(l) nature and quantity of cargo (for dangerous goods: as required under (a), (b), (c), (d) and (f) and (a) of the Regulations annexed to ADN for carriage in bulk or in packages, or (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) of the Regulations annexed to ADN for carriage in tank-vessels);

(m) signalization required for the carriage of dangerous goods;

(n) number of persons on board;

(o) number of containers on board.

3. The data given in paragraph 2 above, except those in (c) and (h), may be communicated by other services or persons to the competent authority either in writing, or by telephone or if possible electronically. In all cases, the boatmaster shall report when his vessel or convoy enters the sector subject to the reporting requirement and when it leaves the sector again.

4. When a vessel’s journey is interrupted in the sector subject to the reporting requirement for more than two hours, the boatmaster shall report the beginning and end of the interruption.

5. When the data covered by paragraph 2 above change during the journey through the sector subject to the reporting requirement, the competent authority shall be notified immediately.

6. The competent authority shall not transmit these data to third parties with the exception of the neighbouring competent authorities along the vessel’s route. However, in the event of an accident, the competent authority is allowed to communicate data essential for emergency rescue operations to the emergency services.