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With respect to Article 3.08 para. 1, the competent authorities may:

(a) prescribe other stern lights;

(b) prescribe a height of less than 5 meters prescribed in paragraph (a).


Note by the secretariat:

In accordance with article 9.04, paragraph 2, the following administration prescribe: (a) a height of masthead light less than 5 meters or (b) stern lights other than recommended in 3.08 (1) (c):

1. Austria: yes, (a) only (4 m for vessels less than 40m long);
2. Belarus: yes, (a) only;
3. Belgium: yes, (a) only (4 m for vessels less than 40m long);
4. Czech Republic: yes, (a) only: 4 m;
5. Germany: yes, (a) and (b); the regulations only define that the stern and top light must be set, without information on the height;
6. Lithuania: yes, (a) only;
7. Romania: yes, (a) only;
8. Russian Federation: yes, (a) and (b);
9. Turkey: yes, (a) only;
10. Mosel Commission: yes, (b) only and only for vessels less than 40 m long).