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With respect to Article 6.30, the competent authorities may prescribe other general rules for navigation in reduced visibility.


Note by the secretariat:

In accordance with article 9.07, paragraph 12, the following administrations prescribe other general rules for navigation in visibility of less than 1 km:

1. Austria: Pleasure craft with a length of not more than 20 m have to clear the fairway in case of reduced visibility.;
2. Belarus;
3. Belgium: will be aligned with the provisions of CEVNI revision 4 with the entry into force of new regulations under elaboration;
4. Germany: (article 6.30, paragraphs 4 and 5 are not included in the regulations);
5. Hungary: there is no 1 km limitation of visibility;
6. Netherlands (the rules for using radar are similar to CEVNI. However, there is no obligation to navigate by radar when visibility is reduced. Only on certain specified waterways, is it obliged to use radar in reduced visibility. The Dutch legislation has special rules for vessels not navigating by radar in reduced visibility. The rules CEVNI has for these vessels are aimed at getting these vessels to shore as soon as possible);
7. Russian Federation;
8. Slovakia;
9. Turkey.