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With respect to  Article 1.01 I. 9, the competent authorities may use the term “small size craft” as a subcategory of “small craft”.


Note by the secretariat:

In accordance with article 9.02, paragraph 2, the following administrations use the term “small size craft” as a subcategory of “small craft” to designate all vessels with a hull less than 7 m long, including rowing boats of any length:

1. Belarus;
2. Lithuania;
3. Netherlands (the term “small size craft” is not used as a subcategory of small craft, but within the category small craft, a special sub-category high speed small craft exists, especially for small craft capable of exceeding speeds of 20 km/h);
4. Russian Federation (for the time being, this term applies to all small craft, but after the revision of the national Rules of Navigation on Inland Waterways, currently under way, the definition of the term “small craft” will be brought in line with that of CEVNI).