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1. When sound signals other than bells are prescribed in these regulations or any other provisions applicable, they shall be given:

(a) On motorized vessels, except small craft unless these are vessels with radar equipment, by means of mechanically operated sound signalling devices, placed sufficiently high that the sound signals can spread freely to the front and if possible also to the back; the signalling devices shall conform to the requirements laid down in chapter I of annex 6 of these regulations;

(b) On non-motorized vessels and motorized small craft whose equipment does not include a sound signalling device, by means of a suitable trumpet or horn; such sound signals shall conform to the requirements of chapter I, paragraphs 1(b) and 2(b), of annex 6 to these regulations.

2. The sound signals given by motorized vessels shall be accompanied by light signals synchronized with them, such light signals shall be yellow, bright and visible from all directions. This provision shall not apply to small craft or to the signal prescribed in article 6.32, paragraph 4 (a), to be given by vessels proceeding downstream and navigating by radar, or to be ringing or pealing of a bell.

3. In the case of a convoy, prescribed sound signals need to be given, only by the vessel carrying the boatmaster of the convoy.

4. A bell peal shall last about four seconds. It may be replaced by the repeated striking of metal on metal over the same duration.