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1. Vessels shall regulate their speed to avoid creating excessive wash or suction likely to cause damage to stationary or moving vessels or structures. In particular, they shall reduce speed in good time, but not to below the speed required to steer safely:

(a) Outside harbour entrances;

(b) Near vessels made fast to the bank or to a landing-stage, or loading or discharging cargo;

(c) Near vessels lying at normal stopping places;

(d) Near ferry-boats which are not moving independently;

(e) On sections of the waterway designated by the competent authorities; such sections may be marked by the sign A.9 (annex 7).

2. Subject to the provisions of article 1.04, vessels are not required to fulfill the obligations imposed by paragraph 1 (b) and (c) above in respect of small craft.

3. When passing vessels displaying the markings prescribed in article 3.25, paragraph 1 (c), or vessels, assemblies of floating material or floating establishments displaying the markings prescribed in article 3.29, paragraph 1, other vessels shall reduce speed as prescribed in paragraph 1 above. They shall also keep as far off as possible.