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1. Vessels, assemblies of floating material or floating establishments may not berth:

(a) In sections of the waterway where berthing is generally prohibited;

(b) In sectors designated by the competent authorities;

(c) In sectors marked by the sign A.5 (annex 7); the prohibition then applies on the side of the waterway on which the sign is placed;

(d) Under bridges and high-voltage electric lines;

(e) In or near narrow fairways within the meaning of article 6.07 or in or near sectors which would become narrow fairways if vessels berthed there;

(f) At the entrances to or exits from tributary waterways and ports;

(g) On the course of ferry-boats;

(h) On the course taken by vessels to come alongside or leave a landing stage;

(i) In turning areas marked by the sign E.8 (annex 7);

(j) Laterally to a vessel carrying the sign prescribed in article 3.33 within the distance in metres indicated in the white triangle on that sign;

(k) On stretches of water marked by the sign A.5.1 (annex 7) whose breadth, measured from the sign, is shown in metres on the sign;

(l) Unless permitted by the competent authorities, in lock basins.

2. In sections where berthing is prohibited under the provisions of paragraph 1 (a) to (d) above, vessels, assemblies of floating material and floating establishments may berth only in berthing areas marked by one of the signs E.5 to E.7 (annex 7) and under the conditions laid down in articles 7.03 to 7.06 below.